Byron Bay Retreat Intensives

Personal Retreats

Devote some time to be supported to clear what is in the way of expressing your passion in life and and fulfilling your intentions.

  • Days of your choice by arrangement
  • Byron Bay beach side - with time out for a long walks or swims
  • Includes own room (share for two),
  • meals, plus
  • airport (Gold Coast) pick up

Types of Retreats

  • Personal breakthrough Retreat Intensives with two breath sessions a day for releasing and resolving your personal issues. Breathwork Retreat Intensives »
  • Breathwork on Holidays with a breath session a day – on a holiday beachside. Or, book a session a day by skype ~ wherever you are on holiday! Breathwork Holidays »
  • Group training retreats for personal and professional development (set dates).

Release blocks and trauma

What is Rebirthing Breathwork?

Rebirthing Breathwork is a conscious, connected body/breath technique which activates an inner non-mundane experience. This results in a number of internal experiences. One is where thoughts, pains, memories or feelings or energies that have been held down with the breath, are able to surface to be released, cleared or resolved. The process is freeing of limitations from previous decisions, beliefs or conditioning. Read testimonials


About Alakh Analda

Alakh Analda, a Yoga Swami, and since 1986, a Breathwork Mastery practitioner, is the founder and director of Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery. Born in Australia on 23-1-1950, Alakh studied Metaphysics and trained as a metaphysician in her teenage years. Read more

Alakh Analda, qualified Breathwork Mastery trainer


Breathwork Retreats

Body & Soul ~ 2 days

3 Breathwork Sessions in 24 hours

The 3 personal breathwork sessions with Alakh are an opportunity to breakthrough what is in the way of your intentions in a supportive environment and close to nature! At date of your choice – single or couple. > More

Breathwork Retreats

Mind, Body & Soul ~ 3 days

4 Breatwork Sessions in 48 hours

This includes hours of time each day being supported in identifying your process to create impactful intentions and go deeply in your sessions – this formula works! > More

Breathwork Retreats

Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit ~ 3 Days

6 Breathwork Sessions in 36 hours

Really let the breath do the work – and enjoy the beach walks between sessions. Socialise and be a tourist if you like or journal, read, rest and introspect. > More

Breathwork Retreats

Spiritual development ~ 9 Days

9 Breathwork Sessions

plus and Yoga. Spiritual purification through the elements. At least one breathwork session a day and also personal yoga training and spiritual purification practises to serve you for the rest of your days. > More

Breathwork Retreats

Spiritual Mastery ~ 30 Days

21 Breathwork Sessions or more

Dedicated time for enriching your spirit – reviewing or being introduced to spiritual development practises plus optional full Yogic detox practices. > More