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Booking sessions, groups, retreat intensives and courses in Sydney, Byron Bay and elsewhere are currently by phone booking. Call 0413 167 688. Alternatively, use the email form to the right.

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How To Purchase or Register for Courses

To purchase workbooks, reserve sessions and register for courses, choose one of the payment options below. Retain proof of payment and send/present to the courseware provider.

Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery will also come to your location to facilitate unit by unit, or retreat intensives, groups or courses, by arrangement.

Online Registration services are available soon .
We intend to make available specific units of RBM accredited and non-accredited courses available for online delivery …. please check the website from time to time or add your feedback to our proposals through the contact page!


Cheque, Money Order or Bank Deposit

Payments may be sent by cheque or money order or deposited direct into any Commonwealth Bank or at any Post Office
Name for cheque/deposit/money order: ALAKH ANALDA ABN no 56221163691
Branch number 06 2565 a/c number 00706 835 Savings
INTERNET BANKING TRANSFER – for internet banking the a/c number is 062565 0070 6835
IMPORTANT – keep receipt or proof of payment and present to course provider


Pay by Paypal

Select an option, click the button below and follow the prompts. Remember to keep proof of payment, and present to the course provider.

Personal Retreats

Sydney Inner City Sessions

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Links to more information

High Motivation Training Academy (HMTA)
Registered training organisation that issues the qualifications for Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery accredited training.

Karlyn Boyter – Qualified Practitioner and Co- trainer in UK and Europe

Earth Institute : a center for consciousness, shamanic, tantric and other transformational courses and trainings in Crow’s Nest, Sydney:

Breathe magazine :
The original Breathe Magazine, in continuous publication since 1984.
Breathe Magazine covers many Breathwork techniques including Holotropic
Breathwork, Buteyko Method, Vivation, Healing Birth, etc. as well as
Rebirthing Breathwork. Here you will find, links to Rebirthers and
Breathworkers world-wide, a list of UK Rebirthing Practitioners, topics on
Breathwork, recommended reading and more.

Fiona Bury

International Breathwork Foundation

International Breathwork Training Alliance